Client Feedback

I had two complicated questions for an accountant... but I didn't know who to talk to. I was looking around for a real CPA (not just a tax-preparing service), and I also wanted to talk to someone after regular business hours because I have a 9-5 job. I live in Somerville, and found Pushkar's nearby listing on yelp so I gave him a call. I had questions about how to disburse a gift with the least amount of tax implications and his response totally clarified the situation for me -- he knew the current threshold for gifts and even looked it up while on the phone to double-check it! I am also starting a small side business and asked him about what next steps I should do and how it all might affect me when I do my taxes, to which he responded very well. All in all, he was very knowledgeable, direct, pleasant. He didn't give me any run-around about having to come into the office...and best of all, he gave me this advice without a fee.

Evan K.
Somerville, MA


I’m very impressed with the service that Pushkar and his firm have provided me with. I always wanted to own a company and as such had so many questions on how the registration process works in terms of federal and state level requirement. P Neupane CPA has not only helped me to register a company but also his service includes quarterly tax filing for the company, payroll processing, opening IRA account, successfully getting ITIN number from IRS, providing the guidance on per diem and reimbursement that a company can provide to its employee. As a consultant, I usually do not get time to meet or discuss or meet personally with him during office hours. He has been very accommodating to have online meetings over phones and by sharing screen during off hours and alleviate my concerns.
I would definitely recommend his firm, if someone is looking for an experienced CPA to file taxes and get maximum return following the IRS guidelines in an affordable cost.

Dinesh Sah
Tech Peers Inc.


P Neupane CPA PC handles our taxes, book keeping and payroll. We have been a client of P Neupane since 2010. Been very pleased with much focused services we have been getting. P Neupane listens very quietly and addresses not only major but also very minor issues we could have never thought of. A respectful CPA who we can fully trust!

Shiva K Shrestha
The Threading Place.